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Family First Life Tri-State has the infrastructure to help your family succeed.

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Family First Life Tri-State can confidently transition your family from then to now.

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Family First Life Tri-State has always been about families from the very beginning.

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Family First Life Tri-State can create peace-of-mind that spans generations.

What We Offer

Aggressive Compensation

Innovative Lead Program


Customer relationship management

4 types of income

Company Culture

Aggressive Compensation

At Family First Life we believe in supporting the agents who dedicate their time to helping families. Our comp plan tops off at 145% which is well above the industry average, and our structure is built with stability in mind.

Aggressive Compensation Structure at FFL Tristate.

Innovate Lead Program

We don’t believe in cold calling to generate sales. We work with a number of different lead-generating vendors that we have built a relationship with and trust. Vendors define a “Lead” as a client that contacts us for help specifically for coverage. Our agents work with potential clients who are actively looking for life insurance.

Family First Life and the vendors we work with generate leads for any budget and our agents are not required to purchase leads in order to work with us. You have complete control of what budget, if any, you would like to implement into your business, and what lead type, what area, and what time they are generated. We offer many different options that allow our agents to design their own lead program!

Program to Innovate Leads: FFL Tristate

Agent Training

Our Training Schedule:


-9:30am EDT – JumpStart Podcast

-1pm EDT – Bullpen Session LIVE on YouTube


-Serve The People – “Training Day” Podcast Released

-AMS Live Training on Facebook – FFL Corporate Training


-Next Level Training

Schedule of agent training sessions - dates, times, and topics covered.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our innovative tracking system uploads our agent’s leads into our CRM system as soon as they come in. This allows the agent to track the status of the lead in every stage, which makes the process incredibly organized and ensures detailed attention is given to each and every client. The CRM also gives agents the ability to set yearly reminders to follow up with clients for an annual review.

All Family First Life agents are given access to the CRM free of charge.

Free CRM and innovative tracking system for Family First Life agents

4 Types of Income

1. Direct Sale Commissions

Direct Sale Commissions are derived from the policies that you personally sell. At Family First Life we pride ourselves on being able to teach agents how to protect families through hard work, consistency, and personal development.

2. Agency Overrides

If you decide to start an Agency with FFL, you receive an override commission on any agent that you hire when they sell a policy. The override commission is equal to the difference of commission levels between you and your agents.

3. Renewal Commissions

Renewal Commissions are paid annually on certain types of policies where the contract renews at the end of the year. At Family First Life your renewals are vested from the day you start. We don’t believe in keeping your money, so if you leave FFL, you take the renewals that you’ve EARNED with you.


When your agency reaches a certain level of volume, you start to receive monthly bonuses from your team’s overall production. The bigger your team, the bigger your bonus gets.

Company Culture

Our company culture reflects our core belief–putting family first. We prioritize everyone’s well-being by creating a virtuous cycle of winning. Our Clients, Agents, and Corporate Team are all rewarded because service is at the heart of what we do, and we do everything with heart.

Workplace culture at FFL Tristate

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Family First Tri-State makes the families we protect and the families of our agents our number one priority