Family First Life Tri-State
An Integrity Company

Family First Life Apex

Agency owner: Robert Richman
Location: Dallas, TX

Robert started his career with Family First Life in April, 2019. He grew a large agency quickly in the Dallas, Texas area. Rob would describe watching agents he’s mentored succeed and change their family’s life as one of the best feelings in the world! Some fun facts about him are he loves the Cleveland Browns, dogs and cooking.

Family First Life Avenues

Agency owner: Jesse Parley
Location: Dallas, TX

Jesse Parley lives in Dallas, TX and started with Family First Life in March, 2018. He learned the value and importance of Life Insurance at the young age of 25 when dealing with the loss of his father. Using that as his motivation to spread awareness of what Life Insurance can do, he set out to grow an army of agents to protect as many families as possible.

Family First Life Central Division

Agency owner: Bryan Mendenhall
Location: Bensalem, PA

Bryan Mendenhall began with Family First Life at the end of 2015. Prior to joining he was working in the Fitness Industry and was devoted to helping people turn their health around. Now, he helps agents and families in a different way, providing them with the ability to be financially free. His leadership skills and work ethic has allowed him to change the lives of many agents from Bensalem, Pennsylvania to Brandon, Florida.

Family First Life Dynasty

Agency owner: Chimera Thompson
Location: DC, MD

Chimera Thompson joined Family First Life directly following the company’s Annual Convention in February, 2016. She wrote her first client policy, and it was all upwards for Chimera’s career from there. In her free time, she studies acting and has found that to be a major factor to her success in this industry! Now, she has a team of agents in the Washington, D.C. Area and is expanding.

Family First Life Great Lakes

Agency owner: David Pyle
Location: Detroit, MI

David Pyle began his career with Family First Life in March, 2018. Prior to joining FFL, he was turned down from a job in Factory Sales. After being told that sales would not be a “good fit for him”, David had never been more motivated. He entered the world of Life Insurance where he and his skills flourished into a massive agency in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Family First Life Health and Wealth

Agency owner: Steve Giordano
Location: Pompano Beach, FL

Steve Giordano joined Family First Life in November 2018. Steve has always been committed to whatever he sets his mind to, if he wasn’t working in the insurance industry, he would be a WWE Superstar! His attitude and work ethic drives him to succeed, and he uses this to propel his team to new heights in the Pompano Beach, FL area.

Family First Life Hidden Gems

Agency owner: Wayne Carr
Location: Tampa, FL

Wayne Carr attended the 2015 Family First Life Annual Convention and began with the company that Fall. He lives in Tampa, Florida where he took his knowledge and love for the industry to new heights, growing an agency and helping many other agents change their lives. At the start of his career, Wayne would measure his success by how many shoes he could buy. You can imagine how many pairs of shoes he has now!

Family First Life Humble Beginnings

Agency owner: Kairi Joiner
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Kairi Joiner began his journey with Family First Life in January 2020. He is an avid basketball fan and loves spending time with his family including his three sons. For these reasons, Kairi positions himself professionally in spaces that allow him to be competitive and family oriented while building a sizable business with other agents in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.

Family First Life Insure Entrust

Agency Owner: Stephanie Cover
Location: Akron, OH/ Ft Lauderdale, FL

Stephanie Cover became an agent at Family First Life in November 2015 in Akron, Ohio/ Ft. Lauderdale Florida. She knew she loved serving people and a career here allowed her to do just that. Her passion and love to help others is what keeps her motivated to build a team of agents wanting to do the same. For her, it is all about how she looks at things and drawing out what keeps a person alive inside.

Family First Life Legacy

Agency owner: Danielle Byrne
Location: Norfolk, VA

Danielle Byrne joined Family First Life in March 2016. Since she was a young girl, she always had a competitive flare to her and strived to be the best at anything put in front of her. She sought out this opportunity to build herself a business where she could be comfortable providing for her family while helping others do the same!

Family First Life Momentum

Agency Owner: Jose Graxirena
Location: Orlando, FL

Jose Graxirena started with Family First Life in 2018. When he first started in this industry, he had an old run-down car that barley got him from appointment to appointment. He saw the potential with this company to change his life and improve his business. He began to grow a large team of agents alike in the Orlando Florida area, and uses his family and special needs son as his motivation to make waves in the industry.

Family First Life Shoreline

Agency Owner: Frank Doughtery
Location: Southern, NJ

Frank Doughtery began his professional career with Family First Life in September 2019. He lives in Southern NJ with his wife and three sons, which are his main motivators. He wants to build a large agency with a team working hard towards serving others and having a positive impact on the industry.

Family First Life The Chosen Ones

Agency owner: Marc Tirolia
Location: Miami Lakes, FL

Marc Tirolia began his career with Family First life in September 2020 in the Miami Lakes, Florida area. He has previous industry experience and has always been a top performer in his field. What drew him to build something big at FFL was his passion for developing people into top performers and leading the way. He grew a team of agents and is passionate about helping each one change their life with the company.

Family First Life The Good Life

Agency Owner: Jeffery Buethe
Location: Fort Meyers, FL

Jeff Buethe joined Family First Life in June, 2020. He has always been a hard worker. Prior to his time at FFL, he ran a franchise, opening several locations on his own and with that found a passion for the type of growth he can accomplish here. He set out to build a team of agents in the Fort Myers, Florida area and is expanding quickly.

Family First Life Third Coast

Agency owner: Alex Lebrija
Location: Dallas, TX

Alex Lebrija started with Family First Life in July 2019. He has always been a lover of adventure, once taking a six-month hike through the entire Appalachian trail with his wife. He saw the opportunity here at Family First life as a way to bring out the best in himself and others, while on the journey of being a business owner.

Family First Life Three-Twenty

Agency Owner: Caleb Amoros
Location: Highland, IN

Caleb Amoros came to Family First Life in April 2020. In search of a way to fuel his passion to help those around him to be their best and fulfill their true potential, he wanted to build a team here that would change people’s lives! Located in the Highland, Indiana area, he and his team are doing just that and growing fast!

Family First Life Universe

Agency Owner: Ivan Vedrov
Location: Chicago, IL

Ivan Vedrov joined Family First Life in November, 2017. He set out with a strong mentality to help others grow and wanted to use the system at Family First Life as a method to do so. Currently located in Chicago, Illinois, Ivan has been working on building a massive agency with likeminded individuals and unlimited potential for growth.

Family First Life Wisdom Strength and Beauty

Agency Owner: Carlos Reynoso
Location: East Hanover, NJ

Carlos Reynoso started with Family First Life in February 2020. Coming from a background in engineering, he looked at the opportunity here as a way to fuel his competitive side and hunger for professional growth. Once he saw the potential for growth and how lucrative of an industry this is, he envisioned a future at FFL and is now looking to build his own team in the Northern, New Jersey area.

Family First Life Service Before Self

Agency Owner: CYNDI SITTIG

Cyndi Sittig began her journey with Family First Life in early 2018. Having served in our United States Military, Cyndi always had a “winners’ mindset”. She brought her drive and passion to excel to the insurance industry and became passionate about serving families. She began to expand her horizons and grow a team of like-minded agents in her area from Virginia Beach VA to Pittsburgh, PA. 

Family First Life The Future

Location: MIAMI, FL

Danny Gonzalez started with Family First Life in November 2020. Prior to becoming an agent, Danny had his own business in the food industry. He and his wife saw the opportunity here to build and grow something together that will pay dividends for generations to come. They have a team of agents working in the Miami Florida area – serving and protecting as many families as they can.